Hood Vent pre-order status - 12/2/2023


First and foremost, I would like to let you know that hood vents ARE coming! But I would also like to apologize for how long it has taken to get to this point. Arcade Ultra products used to be produced out of fiberglass. This worked, but very few could be made in a month, defects could occur often and shipping companies would sometimes damage parts despite how well they would be wrapped.

When it was time to re-release the hood vents I made the choice to move onto a new form of manufacturing that can produce 50+ parts with a good mold. This new-to-us method of manufacturing is extremely promising not just for hood vents but for the upcoming over fenders, roof wings, trunk wings and body kits. Unfortunately, this has come with a lot of expensive lessons in what can or can't work for manufacturing.

The biggest hold up we had was the first mold being produced out of a material we were originally told would work only for it to be good enough for just a single prototype (R.I.P. to that investment). After spending thousands on new tooling materials (that's right, just the material not even the time and labor that goes into machining) which took far too long to receive from a third party.

Changes to the design of the tool then had to be made in order for the vent holes to be cut out for customers. The first design had these indents a little too shallow and so the factory was struggling to make good vent holes since the cut indent was not well-defined. Not having the vent holes cut out was NOT an option for you guys in our eyes so corrections were made so that you install involves zero trimming. This part is the HARDEST one to make so future parts will move along far more smoothly.

So where are we now?

New material is on hand, tooling material is on hand, the 3D model used for machining is updated and APPROVED by the factory as a FINAL go-ahead. We did not want to waste thousands in tooling material (I was very nervous and hesitant to start machining only to have yet another bad run) so now that we have this long-awaited review complete and ok'd this week will be spent machining our latest and final tool. The production time itself is only 1-2 days. at which point parts will get picked, packed and shipped out to everyone ASAP via UPS with tracking numbers provided to all orders.

With that said, I will also like to let all of you know that I will be mailing out free goodies and I will also be creating a lifetime discount code for you to use on any and all current and future Arcade Ultra products. This is a one-time thing only for ya'll as a thank you.

Again, thank you so much for your patience.

- David Preciado, Owner